Terms of purchase of apartments and apartments

AreaFloor$/m2 withour repair$/m2 withour repair
18-35 м22-675020 625
35-46 м22-668018 700
От 60 м22-664017 600
18-35 м213-2380022 000
35-46 м213-2374020 350
От 60 м213-2368018 700

Conditions for the purchase of office space

AreaFloor$/m2 without repair$/m2 without repair
18-35 м213-2480020 000
18-35 м225-2790022 500
35-43 м22-668017 000
55-65 м22-664016 000
35-43 м22-668017 000

Installment plan up to 24 months

Why us?

The 4U economy class residential complex is a rational choice for modern people! Located in the residential area of ​​Svyatoshinsky district - Akademgorodok, a 10-minute walk from Akademgorodok metro station. In this part of the city, social, shopping and entertainment, as well as transport accessibility are well developed. Sophisticated public transport routes allow you to get to any part of the city without difficulty and transfers.

Want to buy an apartment by installments?

  • 01

    Down payment from 50%

  • 02

    For 2 years in equal installments

  • 03

    Without income certificate, only passport and code

  • 04

    Opportunity to live in your apartment and pay by installments


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